Life Insurance Audits

Our report and presentation will show you what type of life insurance policy you have now and how it works. If your insurance has a cash value it will show; the updated value of the policy, a projection of these values at the current investment rate (if available) and how your cash value program may have been affected by low interest rates and tax changes. In addition, the presentation will contain a comparison of your existing policies to ones that are currently offered by industry leading life insurance companies.

The Life Insurance Solution

  • Life Insurance can provide the funds necessary to buyout your partner’s estate at death, so you do not have to be in partnership with your former business partner’s spouse.
  • Life Insurance can fund a tax liability associated with your business, revenue property, recreational property and any other growing concern. In most cases your tax liability can be funded for as little as 10 cents on the dollar.
  • Life Insurance can help the transition of a family business from one generation to the next.
  • Life Insurance can create a tax loss to offset tax payable (pre 1995 rules).
  • Life Insurance can help fund an employee purchase of your business.
  • Life Insurance can provide the cash necessary to equalize an estate. This can be very helpful when the majority of the estate is one large asset like an active business or a real estate holding.

Life Insurance Offered By Creditor

Life insurance provided by some lending institutions can be expensive. This coverage is underwritten by a life insurance company that is independent of the bank, credit union or trust company. The coverage itself is issued on a group basis and relies on a pricing structure that is different than that of a policy that is based in single ownership.

We can help you buy a policy that cannot be cancelled for any reason (other than fraud or non-payment). So if your loan or mortgage is up for renewal and you have a personal or corporate owned policy it cannot be cancelled because it is separate from the loan or mortgage. You can rest easy knowing the coverage will pay out when you need it the most. Also, if the policy is corporately owned it is eligible to create and credit the Capital Dividend Account(CDA). The CDA and be used to issue a tax-free Capital Dividend to the Shareholders.



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